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Three title ideas


Why you should go balls to the wall in the gym as you age.

Why you should train faster with age, not slower.

What’s the single most important kind of exercise to do as you age?


The body:

Society says as you age you and your training should slow down.  Precisely the opposite is true and necessary – training fast (relatively) and for power becomes ever more important with age. 

Why: In order to avoid a fall you need to be able to recover your balance fast, doing it slowly often means a trip to the floor and possibly hospital.  And power declines exponentially faster than strength and muscle mass as you age.

How:  Not with the weightlifting you see on TV during the Olympics.  Instead start with a nearly zero impact tool that’s been around for literally thousands of years.  Throw a sand-filled ball(because they do not bounce back at your face or fingers) from your chest at a wall and try to catch it.  (Throw from your chest not overhead for rotator cuff safety.)


Throwing the ball pushes you backward just as hard (the force goes from your hands through your core and to your feet) which throws you off balance with speed, and your body must quickly react and right itself before you even think about it (reflexively).  This restores balance, power and fast reflexes that improve quality of life and maintain independence.  Fast, explosive movement are one of the best tools to accelerate your metabolism, activate your dormant muscle fibers and boost your testosterone levels.  Try 15 in a row and you’ll see how this works your heart and lungs as well.


Josef Brandenburg is an author, syndicated columnist and co-owner of The Body You Want Fitness Solutions where they help people of every age get and keep the bodies they want in the time they actually have.  202-316-1457 or www.TheBodyYouWant.com