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4th Sunday at 4pm Social on June 24, Huge Success!

Hosted by our own Bill Wooby and Thomas House Residences, the roof top reception and pool party attracted over 40 of our members and 30 or so members of SAGE-MetroDC, Metroretirees and the MCC-DC Elders ministry, and three vocationing Prime Timers from Toronto, Canada who saw the event on a flyer and joined us.


Thomas House Residences really put on an incredible party featuring outstanding, never ending, refreshments which included on site, barbecued shrimp by the bucket load. Live musical entertainment, free valet parking, professional photographer, complimentary wine and beer bar and who could forget Clark, the valiant lifeguard for the day; not ONE person drowned under his watch!  If you are so inclined, please send a brief thank you to Lisa at KahnELiza@ThomasCircle.com.