About SAGE Metro DC

SAGE Metro DC is a volunteer driven organization whose mission is to raise awareness of the concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) elders in the DC metropolitan area and to provide a voice for issues facing older people. We work tirelessly to adhere to the mission by identifying the needs and concerns of older adults, addressing these needs with advocacy, and by the provision or facilitation of education and training. SAGE Metro DC encourages the participation of all individuals concerned with the issues of older adults regardless of age, sexual orientation or gender identity.

SAGE Metro DC and Prime Timers DC join together on many occasions. SAGE’s monthly educational programs, as well as their social events, are announced on the Prime Timers newsletter and website and many Prime Timers enjoy attending SAGE events.  (for local SAGE DC Programs and events)  (SAGE DC is an affiliate of the national group, SAGE, USA.)



Center Aging is a program of the DC Center made up of a broad spectrum of volunteers. Our mission is to provide support and advocacy for the aging LGBT populations of the DC metropolitan area and those who provide services to them. The mission is accomplished through identification of needs and concerns, and provision or facilitation of education and training. For more information call the center or e-mail

How did it start?

The GrayGay Guide started in 1996 as a result of a visit to Barcelona which I enjoyed so much I posted information about the trip to the Silverfox Mailing List (seeMailing Lists page).

This generated email traffic from around the globe regarding other GrayGay places to visit, including a list from the late Ray Orpino. Much of the information I received was not available in any guide book and so I decided to use my web space for the GrayGay Guide site, which now includes information on 52 countries and over 2000 venues. In 2000 this was redesigned and expanded into – a one-stop resource for mature gay men and their admirers.

It now includes the latest news headlines, extensive links and resources in the Links section, Reviews and advice for online dating, gay retirement and care facilites worldwide as well as an extensive travel advice section.


The PALS Program

People Advocating for LGBT Seniors (PALS) is a FREE program that connects compassionate, trained volunteer visitors with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) elders, 55 and older, who are living at home or in assisted living and nursing facilities. This program provides companionship and help, when needed, to access a variety of community services and resources. To participate as a client or to learn more about receiving free PALS services: Call Jacquetta Brooks, MSW, LGSW at 202-797-3570 and ask about “PALS” or e-mail:

Legal Services for Seniors

Whitman-Walker Health’s Legal Services Program now offers advice and assistance on legal issues of particular relevance to aging LGBT persons, and seniors living with HIV.  Whitman-Walker lawyers will be available to help LGBT or HIV positive individuals and couples to:

  • obtain adequate long-term care and health care services;
  • address discrimination;
  • obtain all of the Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other public benefits to which they are legally entitled; and
  • protect their visitation rights and decision-making rights in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other long-term care settings.

 For more information on our services or to make an appointment, contact:

 We can make nursing home visits.